Jenny Pymont SWAc was born in Paignton, Devon. In 1996 Jenny achieved a BA (Hons) in Fine Art at the University of the West of England, Bristol. Since then she has been a practising artist specialising in Animal Portraiture and Still Life.

Recent exhibitions include The Thelma Hulbert Gallery, The Brownston Gallery, Exeter Castle, Sherborne Abbey, Delamore, Penwith Gallery St Ives and the Royal Albert Memorial Museum and Art Gallery.

“My work is inspired by natural and man-made objects with an interest in the reclamation of nature, and how the Earth’s elements are in constant metamorphosis. I like to depict these elements using unconventional discrepancies of scale within a Still Life context. I enjoy using puns and double entendres in my work, symbolically conveying the many varied complexities of human relationships. I hope that the feel an atmosphere of my paintings provoke a sense of timelessness and peculiarity.”

Jenny’s preferred medium is Oil Paint. She builds up layers of colour in thin glazes. Sometimes her paintings take months to create, choosing to work on several pieces at the same time. Many familiar motifs are used in Jenny’s paintings such as peeling wallpaper, butterflies, birds, crystal balls, marbles, driftwood and shells.

“My personal work lies in a fondness for quirky still life. I like to be in control of the miniature worlds that I have created, much like setting the stage for Theatre. I am deeply inspired by the Dutch Masters and the way that they use light and symbolism to create drama, atmosphere and narrative. I sometimes have clear-cut ideas of what I’m trying to say through personal language that relates to the symbolism of the forms I choose other times I let myself get seduced by the objects for no other reason than the beauty I find within them.”

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